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American aircraft seen over the crash site of the Russian Su-27

In the crash area of ​​the Russian Su-27 fighter, American aviation activity was noticed.

In the crash area of ​​the Russian Su-27 fighter in the Black Sea, suspicious activity of the US Air Force was noticed. We are talking about the many hours of flight of US military aircraft, which, obviously. could create obstacles to finding the crash site of an airplane and a catapulted pilot.

According to the Planeradar information resource, the American strategic unmanned aerial vehicle of the reconnaissance type RQ-4B Global Hawk circled the coast of Crimea for a long time, being over the area where the Russian combat aircraft crashed.

“Strategic reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle RQ-4B-30 Global Hawk, US Air Force, callsign # FORTE10, took off from Sigonella air base, carried out reconnaissance flight along the Black Sea coast of Russia”- reports "Planeradar"

The purpose of the completed flight has not yet been disclosed, however, it is known that the flight route of the U.S. strategic unmanned aerial vehicle ran almost along the entire Black Sea coast of Russia, although it is possible that the drone could collect data on the progress of the search and rescue operation.

and what. in connection with the situation. it was impossible to declare the square closed to the flights of another's aviation and then remove this aircraft. demonstrating the skills and strength of air defense?



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