American PMC "Mozart" leaves Bakhmut and Ukraine

American PMC "Mozart" retreats from Bakhmut and leaves Ukraine.

The founder of the American PMC Mozart, Andy Milburn, said that the mercenaries were retreating from the Bakhmut they occupied and leaving the territory of Ukraine. In fact, this deprives the Armed Forces of Ukraine of support in the amount of almost an entire battalion (according to a number of data, there were up to 500 mercenaries of the Mozart PMC on the territory of Bakhmut, - ed.).

At the moment, it is known that the retreat from Bakhmut was caused by a powerful offensive of Russian troops in this direction - holding this city is no longer appropriate due to the risk of its complete encirclement. This fact emphasizes that the situation for the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Bakhmut is extremely deplorable.

Among other things, Andy Milburn announced that PMC Mozart would also leave the territory of Ukraine in full force. Andy Milburn, the founder of PMCs, did not explain what caused this, however, the reason for everything may be that the corresponding signal came from Washington, which does not want the presence of organizations in the form of PMCs on the territory of Ukraine, fearing that this could lead to conflict with Russia.


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