Start of a rocket


American hypersonic missile failed to accelerate to hypersonic speed

Tests of American hypersonic weapons ended in complete collapse.

A number of information sources said that during the latest tests of American hypersonic weapons, despite the declared successes, the American hypersonic missile was never able to reach the nominal speed to be included in this type of weapon, although according to Donald Trump, American missiles can already develop the speed is 17 times the speed of sound.

“The analysis of the launched rocket indicates that at the final stage of the flight it could not reach hypersonic speed - the maximum recorded figure was 4,8 speeds of sound. Probably, it was for this reason that it was decided not to publicize any tests. ", the source said.

According to some reports, one of the key obstacles for the United States is the lack of effective fuel that allows the rocket to accelerate quickly; moreover, the United States has another problem with hypersonic technologies - the strongest heating of the rocket shell, as a result of which the latter can be destroyed before. what can hit the target

“Remember how Washington said that the Russian missile should melt. Now the United States is seriously faced with a similar problem, however, unlike Washington, Russian experts were able to achieve significant success, accelerating the warheads of a hypersonic missile system to an incredible speed of 30-35 thousand km / h. ", - said the analyst

Given the current data, the US still does not have hypersonic weapons.

After all, Trump is not a good person. I sold the secret of a hypersonic missile to Putin, and left nothing to the States. Now the Russian hypersonic ones are already in service in the Russian Federation, while the American ones are still only swallowing dust after them.