American hypersonic missile caught fire during launch and miraculously did not explode

The next test of an American hypersonic missile almost ended in a powerful explosion.

The US attempt to catch up with Russia in the field of hypersonic technology almost ended in catastrophic consequences for the American side. As it turned out, during the next test of an American hypersonic missile in Hawaii, the latter caught fire and only miraculously did not explode. This made it possible to prevent catastrophic consequences for several dozen people taking part in the tests.

«A flight test of a hypersonic missile system in Hawaii ended in failure due to a post-ignition problem, the Department of Defense said, dealing another blow to a failed program. The Pentagon did not provide further details about what happened during Wednesday's testing, but an emailed statement said: "The Department remains confident that it is on track to deploy offensive and defensive hypersonic capabilities as scheduled, starting in the early 2020s.” “The anomaly occurred after a test asset ignited,” Navy Commander Tim Gorman, Pentagon spokesman, said in a statement., - informs the Bloomberg edition.

Considering that special components are used to accelerate the rocket to hypersonic speed, the explosion at the test site could be extremely powerful.

Today, two countries in the world, Russia and China, actually have hypersonic technologies, although Israel also has hypersonic weapons.