Missing airliner


American singer found the missing Boeing?

March 18. On her personal page on the social network Facebook, the American singer Courtney Love wrote that she allegedly found the missing Malaysian airliner, which, we recall, disappeared on March 8, but no traces of the crash or hijacking were found.

The singer has placed on her official page a photo from a satellite on which one can see quite clearly that something is on the surface of the sea, more precisely. If you believe her arguments, it could be aviation fuel, which has a similar structure when it enters the water. In addition, the American singer also claims that a satellite image shows part of the fuselage of the airliner.

It is worth noting that the conjecture can become quite relevant, since the current in the local waters really coincides with the spread of the "jet fuel slick". On the other hand, the plane was lost by radar in a slightly different place, but most likely, the official leadership of Malaysia will consider this situation as well, because there is still no information, whether there is a version with a catastrophe or the plane was hijacked by terrorists.



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