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American submarine finds itself in Russian Arctic waters

The media reported about an American nuclear submarine that imperceptibly penetrated the waters of the Russian water area.

According to foreign media reports, during the Russian military exercises Umka-2021, at least one American submarine managed to penetrate unnoticed into the area where five Russian submarines were stationed.

“The Defense Industry Reporter is quoted by military expert Maxim Klimov. Klimov commented on the situation after reporting that at least one US submarine operated close to Russian submarines during the Umka-21 exercise. Theoretically, this simultaneous presence could give the US Navy "big booty" - to sink three (according to the updated data, we are talking about five submarines - editor's note) Russian submarines, "the Soha news outlet reports.

It is known that anti-submarine aircraft of the Russian Navy also operated along with Russian submarines, however, there was no report on the appearance of American submarines in this region, which may well indicate the fact that the American submarine could go unnoticed.

Has Shoigu already acquired his own waters for the army? Aren't you overheated in your Amsterdam writing?

A year after the commissioning of our unique search engine "Diana", this option of hiding the location of the enemy boat will be completely impossible. The year will fly by quickly!

And the big blackened crater in the ice near one of our surfaced submarines - is this by chance the "unnoticed" pride of the US Navy?

The US has been marching on our shores for a long time, but no one wants to agree with this.

In the photo, the Russian nuclear submarine pr.945 "Barracuda", judging by the bow and stern mooring parties, is preparing for mooring at the pier.

I wonder where the "waters of the Russian army" are, the rich and powerful Russian language)))

Some kind of Klimov (sofa expert), incomprehensible media, and this is a sensation; and where is the boat?


Especially when the last letter in the word BOAT was swallowed up by an emotion coming from the author, starting with the letter E

Guys, adjust your algorithms so that next time the Americans would not be able to pass unnoticed into our waters !!!

With headings like this, the article cannot be taken seriously. "The media reported about its American nuclear submarine that imperceptibly penetrated into the waters of the Russian army."

Why only one and not three or four? Nobody saw them anyway?

Lies ...

Klimov is an expert on liberal media. His task is to denigrate the Russian armed forces.

It was not and could not be!

Empty nonsense! Nobody saw her because she was not there. It is obvious! If only beans grew in my mouth! What a cry the Pentagon would raise. There are no combat-ready submarines in the United States now ready to enter the Arctic!

“The media reported about its American nuclear submarine, imperceptibly penetrated into the waters of the Russian army.” - Strongly said! Crossword and nothing else.
Come to think of it, is this submarine ours or what?

Nobody saw the US boat, hence drowned?