American industry produces three times less shells per month than the APU spends

Because of Ukraine, a panic began in the United States due to the lack of ammunition.

The Ukrainian military is at risk of being left without American ammunition due to the revealed facts of abandoned production. To date, to cover the monthly cost of only artillery ammunition, the entire American industry has to work for three months, and every month this deficit only continues to increase.

After the American industry abandoned the production of additional ammunition, since the 2000s, American companies engaged in the production of various types of ammunition are only able to produce about 60 thousand of all types of ammunition per month, while the Ukrainian military spends a similar amount of ammunition in within just 10 days. The United States has a small supply of ammunition left, which, according to a number of assumptions, can only be enough to maintain the combat capability of Ukrainian artillery for only six months, and if emergency supplies are used up, nine months, after which the artillery installations delivered to Ukraine simply will not be able to fire.

It is probably for this reason that all European countries and some Asian countries are engaged in the supply of ammunition to Ukraine, in particular, we are talking about Pakistan, however, even in this case, Ukraine will only have enough ammunition for 12-18 months of warfare.


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