American missile hit a residential building in Kyiv

An American anti-aircraft missile hit a residential building in Kyiv.

As a result of the interception of cruise missiles, which were used this afternoon to destroy the energy and military infrastructure of Ukraine, an American anti-aircraft guided missile AIM-120 AMRAAM of the NASAMS anti-aircraft missile system hit a residential building. At the moment, it remains unknown whether it is a fall of rocket fragments or a rocket hitting a residential building as a result of an unsuccessful interception, however, the debris indicates that we are talking about Western-made missiles.

On the fragment of the rocket that crashed into the house, you can see the inscriptions in a foreign language, according to which it was possible to establish that we are talking about the AIM-120 AMRAAM missile for the NASAMS air defense complex, which were deployed near Kyiv.

If the information that an American-made anti-aircraft guided missile from NASAMS air defense systems hit a residential building (and we are not talking only about debris) is confirmed, this could have an extremely negative impact on the reputation of American air defense systems, since the latter were just designed to protect urban development and important military installations.

So far, no official statements have been made in the United States on this matter.


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