Russian military


American intelligence did not notice 32 thousand Russian military sent to defend Donbass

The US military was five times mistaken in assessing the scale of the deployment of Russian troops aimed at defending Donbass.

American military experts, despite the availability of modern surveillance and reconnaissance means, were wrong five times, underestimating the number of Russian forces deployed near the Ukrainian border to protect the DPR and LPR.

According to the data previously voiced by the American side, Russian troops numbering about 8 thousand people are deployed near the Ukrainian border, however, as it turned out, the total number of Russian troops in the region already exceeds 40 thousand people, which indicates that in the event of aggression by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, it will be very difficult for the Ukrainian military to go on the offensive, since the armament of the Russian army is much more powerful and modern.

Experts also draw attention to the fact that the mistake of the American military indicates that today the NATO countries do not have operational information about the deployment locations and the number of Russian troops, although earlier the North Atlantic Alliance claimed that the member countries know about all Russian units.

It should be noted that today Russia is ready to send its troops to Donbass in just a few hours.

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