The American missile defense system Aegis again missed ballistic missiles - again suspected of Russian electronic warfare

The American missile defense system malfunctioned again, hitting a ballistic missile and missing.

After a few weeks ago, the US military could not shoot down a ballistic missile with two Aegis anti-missile missiles, having managed to blame the Russian military for this, who probably suppressed missiles with electronic warfare, it became known that another test of the ABM system was also disastrous, since of the two short-range ballistic missiles fired, only one was shot down, while the second anti-missile missile was not even able to detect its target.

"The United States intercepted one of two targets in a missile defense test conducted Saturday over the ocean northwest of Hawaii," the US Missile Defense Agency said in a press release. The agency said it could not confirm if the second was destroyed. goal. “Missile defense testing is an opportunity to improve technology and demonstrate US defense power on the global stage. The stated mission of the Missile Defense Agency is to develop a multi-tiered system that could be used to protect the United States and its armed forces, as well as US allies. ", - reports the information agency "Reuters".

At the moment, it is not known about the location of Russian warships capable of delivering powerful electronic jamming in the test area of ​​the American missile defense system. The fact that the "Aegis" system could not shoot down, in fact, a training target, indicates that the United States has very big problems, since with the advent of modern types of strategic and tactical weapons in Russia's arsenal, it can be judged that American weapons simply cannot justify itself.

“An efficiency of 50% is very little, especially since we are talking about a conventional test. It is possible that the United States specifically blames Russia for such a failure in order to disguise the uselessness of its missile defense system. ", - the expert marks.

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