US base strikes


US military base at-Tanf was destroyed in the impact of three drones

The infrastructure of the US military base in eastern Syria was completely destroyed by the strikes of three drones.

American air defense systems located in the area of ​​the American military base at Al-Tanf in eastern Syria were unable to protect the military facility from three unmanned aerial vehicles. As a result, the base was almost completely destroyed. Despite the refusal of the American military to comment on such an attack in any way, in the photographs presented, you can see that there is catastrophic destruction at the base.

The main attacks fell on tents in which American troops were housed, several hangars with military equipment and weapons depots. According to the American side, injuries and casualties were avoided, however, sources in the Syrian army claim that at least five American soldiers were killed and 12 more were injured.

Initially, one drone attack was reported, later the Syrian media reported four fighters participating in the raid. Nevertheless, it turned out that we are talking about three attack drones - two of them operated from Iraqi airspace, while another drone was launched from the area of ​​the Syrian military airbase Tiyas, which, by the way, was attacked by several days ago.

Against the background of an attack on an American military base, strikes are also expected to be delivered on Israeli territory, in connection with which the air defense systems of Israel and the Air Force of this country are brought into full combat readiness.