The chassis of the aircraft


US airlines complained Antalya Airport

Foreign airlines complain about unsafe runways Antalya Airport.

According to the portal, the airfields do not cause any problems with the airfields of the airport of Antalya, however, the coating used, in turn, leads to aircraft tires in just a few departures, completely out of order. At the moment, such a complaint was given to the leadership of the Turkish airport with a clear text, however, the press service of Antalya airport, to this day, did not comment on the situation, referring only to the fact that the runway was covered in accordance with all norms and regulations of the world Practice.

Among other things, experts believe that the complaint of the air carrier is not justified, since Antalya airport is one of the safest in the world, and therefore, it is most likely worth paying attention to the quality of used tires, although on the other hand it should be clarified that similar complaints earlier Came from other air carriers, including Russian ones.


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