Rocket RQ-4


American drones RQ-4 Global Hawk armed with hypersonic missiles

RQ-4 Global Hawk strategic drones have received hypersonic missiles.

The US military decided to arm its RQ-4 Global Hawk strategic reconnaissance drones with hypersonic missiles. At the moment, we are talking about several drones, which are based at the US Air Force Grand Sky airbase, however, it is expected that in the future, UAVs that are being prepared for decommissioning can be upgraded to a higher level and will be able to freely perform not only reconnaissance missions, but also apply precision strikes against various land and sea targets.

At the current stage, we are talking exclusively about testing drones and hypersonic weapons, however, experts believe that this phase will last no more than two years, after which the drones will be armed with tactical hypersonic weapons.

The US Air Force RQ-4 Global Hawk drones will get a second life as Range Hawks. The Block 20 and Block 30 Global Hawk versions will be retrofitted for use in hypersonic missile testing. The main advantage of using the Global Hawk to test hypersonic weapons is its increased verification capability as well as testing in a manner less visible to American adversaries. The use of the Global Hawk could allow more testing than is currently possible, which will accelerate the adoption of hypersonic weapons. "- reports "The National Interest".

Earlier it became known that the Russian heavy shock-reconnaissance drone S-70 "Okhotnik" will receive a hypersonic missile, but its characteristics have not been officially disclosed.


Mister author, please do not confuse the desired with the actual. Full-scale models and a product in "hardware" - this, let it be known to you, is not the same thing at all.

The United States does not have hypersonic missiles in service. These are plans for the future.