US warships went on the attack on Iran

Trump called Iran’s actions “a very big mistake” and sent warships to the shores of the Islamic Republic.

In the next few hours, a new military conflict may flare up in the Middle East. The reason for this was the response from the US to the strategic unmanned aerial vehicle shot down by Iran, which are being sent to combat ships directly to the shores of this country.

At the moment, an emergency meeting is being held at the Pentagon, while, as it became known, the decision on a military response to Iran has already been made, but not voiced in the interests of US national security.

The President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, also spoke on this matter:

“Iran made a very big mistake”- he wrote on Twitter.

Experts, in turn, note that if they still try to strike an unexpected blow at Iran, then the warships of the United States that are at least 300 kilometers from the coast of Iran are likely to be destroyed within 20-30 minutes. Nevertheless, given the presence in the region of strategic aviation of the US Air Force, Iran has virtually no chance of countering anything to Washington.

“If Tehran had decided to acquire Russian C-400 several years ago, neither rocket nor air strikes would have threatened Iran. However, given the old air defense systems of Iran, the probability of repelling a large-scale US strike is extremely low. ”, - said the analyst

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You probably have information about the constant shelling of Syria by Israel. I only get information from the media. And I don’t see that Israel’s special speed at firing on Syrian territory after establishing С-400. As I remember one or 2 times it was all We were allowed to save face because nothing serious was caused by these shelling.

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In Syria, there is With 400, but Israel is on the side

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Well, let's live, we will see, as far as is known, the United States did not create a coalition from, at least, 30-40 countries to start a conflict with Iran, I do not know which of the Western countries, will support the US in the conflict with Iran, this is not Libya or Iraq , here you will get a concrete message, and the Arab world will turn its back on the United States, so this is Trump’s mistake, not Iran’s.