Bomber B-52


US bombers B-52 suddenly flew near the Russian islands of Shikotan and Habomai

Two American bomber unexpectedly appeared near the Russian islands of Shikotan and Habomai.

Tonight, two American strategic bomber B-52H Stratofortress, after taking off from the military airbase Guam, headed towards the borders of the Russian Federation, suddenly finding themselves close to the Russian islands of the Kuril chain, which Japan considers to be under its sovereignty.

It is known that there were no violations of the borders of the Russian Federation, but experts believe that flying along a similar route may be a consequence of an agreement between Japan and the United States to exert military and political pressure on Russia, which was previously reported in Tokyo.

It should be clarified that in the past month this is not the first time that American strategic bombers have flown to the eastern borders of the Russian Federation, however, earlier flights of strategic aviation forces of the US Air Force off the islands of the Kuril Ridge have not been reported.

How close to the islands of Shikotan and Habomai were flying the US strategic bombers B-52, so far remains unknown.

Americans just do nothing, after an indefinite time, all this will be known, but strategic bombers without a specific goal do not fly.

Why are you hysteria? Here the other day some trough approached our shores. It turned out to our tervod 140 km. But yes - it was approaching.

And what Shoigu-pissed? Or is it ours and not?

Aha today, not unexpectedly, flew nearby, and tomorrow unexpectedly struck a blow! Scream on our VKS shame and shame. Considering the militant policy of the Americans, it’s time to allow them to fly near our borders only by prior arrangement, otherwise everything that came up on the 200 km to shoot down needs to start with the drone-guns, and then their pilots will think about rajon.

This is how you want to understand!? On what basis are these jackals from the Usa burrow flying near OUR islands!? Where are the interceptors !? Where is air defense!? Where is EVERYTHING for that Russian people pay money!? Where are the flights near the borders of the noon jackal VSHA!? Where is all that highly accurate electronics of EW so that these jackals eggs fall off right in the booths and everything burns out !? WHERE .... your mother!

Shoot down pendosov and drown. There is nothing for us to spoil the air.

BOMERS UNEXPECTEDLY flew. laugh. on hell then us VKS