American F-15s could not repeat the trick of the Russian Su-30 - the pilot got scared

The US Air Force F-15 fighter tried to duplicate the trick of the Russian Su-30, but failed.

The pilot of the American F-15 fighter tried to repeat the unique trick of the Russian Su-30 fighter, however, despite trying to do something similar, the pilot was simply frightened, refusing to approach closer to another military aircraft with an open ramp.

“Now the Americans decided to try to repeat the trick of the Russians. They also arranged a photo session, but made the task more difficult by fitting four combat aircraft (two F-15 fighters, one Panavia Tornado fighter-bomber and one Eurofighter Typhoon fighter) to the cargo hold of their transport aircraft at once to arrange even more window dressing. The Americans tried to line up a group of supersonic fighters in a straight line, maintaining a short distance from the subsonic "truck" and among themselves. But this task turned out to be difficult for them, ” - about it сообщает Russian information publication "Reporter".

Experts suggest comparing the performance of this trick by Russian and American combat aircraft to make sure that the US Air Force pilots were simply not ready for this, however, much more remarkable is the propaganda from the US military, who announced that the capabilities of the Russian Su-30 it was even possible to surpass that, as you can see, it does not correspond to reality at all, and, judging by the presented video frames, the pilot hesitated and was afraid of a possible collision with a transport aircraft.


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