American F-16s will be permanently based on the territory of Ukraine - we can talk about 24 fighters

The Americans intend to deploy F-16 fighters on the border of Ukraine and Russia.

Despite the ridicule that the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine does not have the funds to buy American F-16 fighters, it became known that the appearance of 20-30 F-16 fighters on the territory of Ukraine is already practically a reality, moreover, he intends to take all costs on himself Washington, since the United States is interested in creating a bridgehead on Russia's southern borders.

“The Ukrainian air force on the fifth generation of American fighters - it certainly sounds cool. But, frankly, a little expensive for a poor country. The F-35 is a purely commercial product in which charity is irrelevant. Even the much older F-16 can hardly be considered a budget option for Kiev. The United States sells not only the aircraft, but also a whole range of services for its maintenance: supply of components and repairs, weapons, training of pilots and technical personnel, re-equipment of airfields and other infrastructure to NATO standards, etc. Does the above mean that there will be no F-16s in the skies of Ukraine? Unfortunately no. The United States is seriously considering Nezalezhnaya as a springboard for military operations against Russia. In one form or another, about 2 billion dollars were invested there for military purposes from the countries of NATO. Foreign specialists train Ukrainian military personnel, the Armed Forces of Ukraine receive samples of Western weapons. It is customary for us to frivolously make fun of the "knights", but quantitative changes will sooner or later turn into qualitative ones. ", - about it сообщает Russian information publication "Reporter".

Journalists draw attention to the fact that the key moment was the appearance of American B-52 strategic bombers in the skies over Ukraine, and this is the first time that American aircraft capable of carrying nuclear weapons have approached the Russian borders at a distance of only a few kilometers.

“The Americans will try to put pressure on Russia from all directions - from the Baltic states, from the territory of Finland, from the territory of Ukraine, Japan, etc., and this becomes very, very dangerous, and here you can probably even use the term of a potential war, not to mention already about completely unreliable allies of Russia ", - the expert marks.

According to analysts, in the near future, up to 24 F-16 fighters may indeed appear in Ukraine.

Excellent! The flight time to the Kremlin will be further reduced.

Mr Putin should not waste time sending Russian air forces to Venezuela and Cuba.