American F-16s attacked the location of the Russian air base in Syria

US fighters struck at the location of the Russian military air base in Syria.

Flying from the southeast direction, F-16 fighters unexpectedly launched rocket attacks on the area of ​​the Russian military air base in Syria. The strike was delivered less than 3-4 kilometers from the runway of the military airfield in the city of Kamyshli, while the US Air Force was not afraid of a possible retaliatory missile attack from the Russian military, even despite the fact that the air base is protected by the Pantsir- FROM".

It should be clarified that information about the presence of American fighter jets in this area is confirmed by videos of local residents, while reporting the sounds of explosions, and a number of sources claim that one Syrian soldier died as a result of the F-16 attack.

“Tensions and clashes between US forces and the regime army in Khirbet Hamo, after the US Air Force air strikes, killing the regime’s soldiers at the entrance to the city of Kamyshly, from Khirbet Hamo”, - reports "Twitter" account "@AbdoZehn".

The Arab news agency Al Masdar News partially confirms this information, noting that the explosion could have been the result of a flight at supersonic speed.

“According to reports, the US Air Force bombed the positions of the Syrian government forces in the village of Daban, located in the southern outskirts of Al-Kamyshly. However, the Syrian military source questioned these allegations. According to the source, the noise heard by local activists was probably caused by a US Air Force fighter breaking the sound barrier near al-Camishli. ”- it is said in the material of the publication.

On the other hand, the Russian news agency Military Review confirms the previously reported data on US air strikes.

“The most powerful blow, according to these reports, was on the object controlled by the SAA in the area of ​​El-Kamyshly. Previously, an American military base was located in this area. Reported casualties among Syrian troops in the village of Daban - south of El-Kamyshly. At the same time, official Syrian sources do not confirm that the strike was carried out by the Americans. However, it is noted that unknown planes appeared over the province of Haseke "- it is said in the message.

At the moment, the fact that the Russian military allowed the American fighters to penetrate into the airspace above the air base in Kamyshli and did not open fire to defeat remains unknown, although there was a very serious threat that the American F-16 could strike at the Russian military patrol, who was at this moment near the places of blows.