The American F-16 chased the Russian MiG-29s, but at great speed they went into the stratosphere

The American F-16s tried to intercept the Russian MiG-29s, but they entered the stratosphere at great speed.

The US Air Force F-16 fighters tried to intercept Russian MiG-29 fighters (aircraft are considered equal in combat capabilities - ed.), However, the attempt to arrange a provocation ended for the Americans not only with a failure, but also negatively affected the US Air Force’s reputation - the Russian The MiG-29 not only accelerated to a colossal speed, according to the United States, but also managed to escape into the stratosphere, while an altitude of 20 kilometers for American combat aircraft is unattainable even now.

According to TsarGrad, a Russian information publication, the incident, which has remained unknown to date, occurred about ten years ago, however, the blow to the reputation of the "vaunted" American combat aircraft was so strong that the F-16 crews are still not trying to chase for Russian fighters.

“Once, 10 years ago, American aviation shamefully lost to the Russian MiGs and suffered an unfortunate defeat in the race. Then Russian planes just began to resume active flights along their borders, as well as patrolling the border zones of NATO countries. In such cases, everything went according to the standard procedure: the plane approaches the border, and a fighter of a probable enemy immediately tries to intercept it. As a rule, the American F-16 coped well with similar tasks, but not in the case of the MiG-29, the author writes. At that moment, when in the course of such an incident the Americans tried to catch up with our light bomber, he suddenly soared up, rising into the stratosphere, and escaped from the enemy. "- сообщает TsarGrad edition.

It should be clarified that this is far from the only case when the “Russian” military aircraft leave the enemy “with a nose”, in particular, a few days ago the British Air Force fighters did not manage to intercept the long-range Tu-142 anti-submarine aircraft in time, and the Russian Tu-160 a year earlier off the coast of Japan, the American F-35s were easily thrown off the tail.

So is TsarGrad composing fables, raising leaven of patriotism? Like this stupidity and that shnyaga, how did the Su-24 frighten the destroyer Donald Cook?

Paid article! Enough to praise the army! Better people would be allowed to live normally!

The thrust-weight ratio of the MiG-29 = 1,41. This is the largest known aircraft. MiG-29 is the only aircraft in the world that transits supersonic in climbing after takeoff with an angle of 30 degrees.

MIG 29 does not know how to rise into the stratosphere. MIG 25 and 31 can do this.

The MiG-29 did not rise to such a height. The ceiling of the aircraft is 18500 m.

for commentators who are not particularly in the subject: there is a static ceiling, there is a dynamic ceiling. And the stratosphere begins from a height of 11 thousand meters. And what do you call the Mig-29 - even a destroyer for gaining superiority in the air, even a fighter-bomber or a multi-purpose aircraft, it is important for the couch theorist (((
If you get shot down, then it doesn’t matter what class the plane shot you down ...

and pilot f 16 needs to fly a plane with a mustache or shave off his mustache before a flight

if in 1052 you flew for an instant-29, we would have crushed the whole of Europe for ourselves))) hahaha

Mig-29, too, in the forefront of the USSR began to produce (the first was in 1977) and what next?

The first flight instant 77 year, in 83 mass release. Where did you get that moment younger

Another "expert" in aviation. Or just a pro-Western Troll? The practical ceiling of the F-16 is 15240 meters. And the MiG-29 has 18000 meters. Still have questions?

That's right. The author got a little messed up here)) It is the MIG-31 that can "pierce the space and go into the past" as engineer Timofeev used to say)). And MIG-29 cannot

Mig 29 was developed as an answer to the F-15 and F16 (also in two versions - heavy and light). Finally, with the stroke of a pen on paper, it was adopted in 1987, also in the USSR. With a lag of about 8 years from F16. So what are you singing about?

You want to say: that moment is a trophy plane!

I myself served in 52, we flew for an instant 29, no one else had such aircraft

F-16s came into service in '79, instantly in 83 - not a very big difference)))

The first production modification of the MiG-29 entered the army in 1983. F-16 was adopted in 1978. Not such a huge gap. 5 years for military aviation is nothing.

F16 Developed by General Dynamics. It was commissioned in 1979.

The first MiG-29 fighter received the 1983st Fighter Aviation Regiment in July 91

So, the Mig-29 was also developed in the 70s :)

Start of operation F-16A: 1979
F-16C / D: 1984, Start of operation on July 29, 1983. Learn the mat part ....)))))

Yes. MIG missile, after an instant military turn on the “handkerchief”.

Well, everything is correct, in order to visit the stratosphere he had to become a bomber, this is normal, everyone does it

Mig 29 is released since 82 so

Baran - Fu 16 began to be released 3 years later, moment 29

"interceptor-bomber" - very original.

There is nothing surprising. The MiG produces 2450 km / h, the F-16 is only 2120. Moreover, the MiG also has a much higher rate of climb - 320 versus 270 m / s

Mig29 rises even to 22000.

They write such things that it’s not necessary to write in which year the release of the f-16 began, and in which year the Mig-29, f-16 began to be produced back in the USSR, that is, when I still served in the ranks of the SA, RTP RTV Air Defense of the USSR , another 80 years we were taught about political classes about f-16, B-52 and others, and you the author proudly write that f-16 could not catch the MiG-29

Well, the rocket would catch up if necessary

I believe that we are talking about the MIG-31. For he is an interceptor-bomber and can go into the stratosphere. MIG-29, as I recall, has a ceiling of 18000 m.

Sheer nonsense)))) The Stratosphere starts at 11-12 km and ends at 50))) the ceiling of all fighters is about the same - 16-17 km. Although the thrust ratio is greater for the F16, it’s easier. Really - just to fart ...

"tried to catch up with our light bomber, he suddenly soared up"
Wow, the MiG 29 is already a bomber. At the beginning of the chase he was a fighter, and in the end he turned into a bomber.
You are not an avia. Pro, you are an aviator.