C-400 SAM


American F-35s turned out to be "invisible" to Russian S-400s

The Russian C-400 proved useless against the F-35.

Contrary to the information that Russian S-400 air defense systems are capable of detecting fifth-generation American fighters at distances up to 200-250 kilometers, according to Arab media, these air defense systems were useless against F-35 - they can detect fifth-generation American fighters at a safe distance. can not.

A similar conclusion follows from the publication of the Arab news agency Al Masdar News, which issued an article that says that the emergence of the latest Russian C-500 systems is due precisely to the impossibility of C-400 systems to deal with invisible aircraft.

“It is expected that the Russian C-500 system, dubbed Prometheus, will be Moscow’s response to the F-35 invisible fighter, which has already entered service.”, - the newspaper reports.

It should be clarified that despite the regular flights of American, British and Israeli F-35 fighters in the area of ​​detection and destruction of S-400 air defense systems, to date, evidence has not been demonstrated that these systems are really capable of detecting stealth fighters at distances of 200-300 kilometers, which causes a lot of controversy among experts.


In 1999, one F-117 was shot down in Yugoslavia. This model - the first of the stealth models - was produced in the amount of 60 cars and already in 1990 its production was discontinued. But the main thing is that the plane was shot down when it was in line of sight, when "stealth" is no longer relevant. The pilot gape and got his own.
So what about the "predecessors" is not necessary. According to your logic, the S-300 and S-400 are not about anything at all. for 42 and 12 years of operation, only targets were shot down at demonstration firing (that is, ours). The S-200 has at least one Israeli aircraft on its account (2018, the pilots also gape), well, and civilian aircraft ...
I somehow think that the complexes are good, just the F-35 is the 21st century, and the difference is in the level of the 11 iPhones with a dumb dialer of the late 90s. In the technique of miracles, there is no church - not tea.

Yep, exactly! The F-35s are the same "invisible" as their predecessors, who were shot down in Yugoslavia with old Soviet complexes of the 60s of production ... The United States launched another advertising duck, what if someone believes and buys their "wonderful" aircraft, which are true for some reason they fall and are visible for all types of radars ...

Well, if the Arabs wrote about it, then for sure, the way it is!