American Himars again opened fire from the Kramatorsk area - at least 8 missiles fired

American Himars opened fire from the outskirts of Kramatorsk, not far from where they were destroyed.

Around midnight local time, the American M142 Himars multiple launch rocket systems, despite the declared destruction of two launchers by the Russian Ministry of Defense, were again seen in the Kramatorsk region. In total, at least 8 missiles were fired (two mobile launchers fired - ed. note). Moreover, the fact that we are talking specifically about the American M142 Himars MLRS is indicated by the launch frequency, which is characteristic only for such weapons.

In the presented video footage, taken in the Kramatorsk region, one can see how single ammunition is being fired approximately 7-8 kilometers from the filming site. Two combat vehicles are working at once, each of which, taking into account the video footage presented, fired at least four missiles, although given that the filming of strikes began after they began, it is logical to assume that all 12 shells from the total ammunition load could have been involved in the attack two branches of M142 Himars.

The source does not specify in which direction the M142 Himars multiple launch rocket systems were attacked, however, even taking into account the destruction of two American-made MLRS, the Ukrainian army has at least two more launchers.