American engineers will test unmanned transformer


American engineers will test unmanned transformer

January 26 2014. In the near future in the skies of California can be seen drone transformer Black Knight Transformer.

Referring to Flightglobal, writes that Californian company Advanced Tactics will conduct flight tests of an amazing aircraft, the possibilities of which are impressive.

The main purpose of this unmanned tranformer is medical evacuation and it will not be difficult for him to take off and land vertically, and also to move along the highway with common use at a rather decent speed - over 110 kilometers per hour.

Black transformer looks very attractive, representing a massive body, which is equipped with a four-bearing chassis. 30-inch wheels supply each rack to the chassis. Eight bearing propellers that can change the angle of inclination and change the pitch are considered the main feature of the aircraft unit.

Engineers are planning to build a vehicle capable of transporting over 400 kilograms of cargo over the maximum distance to 430 kilometers and speeds up to 240 km / h. It can hang in the sky at a height of up to 4,5 thousands of meters.