US Air Force


US fighters tried to trick Russian air defense in northern Syria

US Air Force fighters tried to trick Russian air defense systems in Syria.

Violation of the closed zone for flying by American F-15 fighters in the area of ​​the Russian military air base in the city of Kamyshli forced the crew of the combat aircraft to shoot heat traps at a distance of only a few kilometers from the Russian military airfield, apparently fearing that the Pantsir-S air defense system located here "May open fire.

Given the map of events in Syria, U.S. Air Force fighters flew only 3-4 kilometers from the perimeter of the Russian military air base, which indicates the fact that the combat aircraft were in a closed zone for flying and could well be attacked by Russian anti-aircraft missile systems.

The appearance of American fighters in the area was associated with a skirmish between the Syrian Kurds and the US military, which resulted in at least one American soldier injured and a Syrian teenager killed. Initially, the information that the U.S. Air Force fighters struck the area where the skirmish had taken place, resulting in the death of one CAA soldier, was denied by official Damascus - the loud pop heard was a result of overcoming the sound barrier.

Given the fact that US fighters shot thermal traps, experts believe that Washington is aware that Russia is ready to shoot down American planes.