American fighters shot down the Syrian Su-22

The US Air Force again destroyed the Syrian fighter.

According to Syrian media, the Su-22 fighter participated in a military operation against the Islamic State terrorist group, which was officially banned in the Russian Federation and in most other countries, however, the US Air Force fired on the aircraft without warning, thereby violating the agreement with Russia to solve the conflict in Syria.

Earlier there were reports that the Russian Aerospace Forces intend to accompany every Syrian combat aircraft, thereby providing it with protection against the US Air Force and allies, and it is quite likely that the current incident will allow for the implementation of the previously conceived plan.

These scoundrels must be shot down themselves, so that they do not feel themselves in Syria, like at home.

Why pour oil on the hot pan. the Americans, if they notice our plane close to the Syrian, they will not even think about the attack, but shoot down the Amer. we will get even more tension the reason for introducing new and new sanctions, etc.

but where are ours with 300 and 400, we only know how to chat that we will shoot down planes of the United States and the result is zero.