Explosion in Syria



Four Syrian oil ships were destroyed by U.S. Air Force strikes.

American fighters delivered multiple blows several hours ago on Syrian ships transporting oil. All four ships were destroyed, while both the Syrian C-300 and the Russian C-400 were completely useless against American aircraft.

As noted by the Syrian news agency Radio Akul, four Syrian ships were destroyed in the waters of the Euphrates during the transportation of oil from the territory controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces to the territory controlled by the Syrian Arab Army.

Information about the victims and victims has not yet been announced, while, despite the presence of the most long-range air defense systems in Syria in the world, it became known that even they were completely useless - the incident occurred several tens of kilometers beyond the maximum range of hitting air targets.

It should be clarified that this is not the first US attack on Syrian ships in the waters of the Euphrates, but the American side does not comment on its actions, which, by the way, may be caused by Trump's recent statement on complete control over Syrian oil.

Urgent start full bombardment of oil wells captured by the United States in Syria

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as far as I know, the range of air defense systems significantly exceeds the declared passport data. We would like to bring down.

The shooting operators С400 have dual citizenship of the USA and the Russian Federation.

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Russian Defense Ministry would not be dishonored while in Syria with its C-400, and if they are in Syria, then why do Americans fly there, and even bomb Syria and its facilities?

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The incident occurred several tens of kilometers beyond the maximum range of air targets. Simply put, in the DEAD ZONE, and more precisely, UWB, they launched air strikes from the territory of a neighboring state.
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