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American ships tried to intercept the Russian "Calibri"

American warships were intercepting the Russian frigate with the Caliber.

The appearance of a group of Russian warships of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy off the coast of Cuba was a complete surprise for the United States, especially considering the fact that the Admiral Gorshkov frigate is equipped with 16 Caliber cruise missiles capable of hitting targets at distances up to 4500 kilometers. As it turned out, it was for this reason that the US warships went against the Russian frigate.

At a relatively short distance from the coast of Cuba, it became known that the two American warships were literally being led by Russian naval vessels. Initially it was assumed that we can talk only about the demonstration of readiness to meet the ships of the Russian Navy, if the latter head for the north. Nevertheless, as it turned out, the key objective of the American fleet is to intercept Russian warships in order to prevent them from approaching the American shores.

Experts, in turn, note that the attempts of American warships are at least "non-credible", since the range of the same Caliber missiles is up to 4500 kilometers, and therefore, the only purpose of the US Navy could be to ensure security in the region and intercept Calibres in case of their possible launch.

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Such messages (About the "unexpected" appearance of Russian ships near the American continent) are quite possible when they are made by incompetent unnamed authors.

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Passionate exploration off the coast of Russia. And here are ours from Larts.
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How is this possible with modern satellite tracking suddenly appear off the coast of Cuba?))))))))

And Russian submarines with cruise missiles are constantly on duty at the borders of the 200-mile zone of the US Atlantic coast!