American pilots gape and were nearly shot down off the coast of Crimea

American military pilots were carried away by a provocation near the borders of Russia and were nearly shot down.

Another provocation of the American Air Force near the borders of Russia almost ended in losses for Washington. As it became known to the resource, American military aircraft, continuing to make reconnaissance flights near the Russian borders, were too close to the country's airspace and were already in the sights of Russian air defense systems. The distance turned out to be so dangerous that the launch of missiles at an American military aircraft, the crew of which obviously gape, could be made within 1-1,5 minutes.

It is known that at the last moment the American military aircraft changed course and began to move away from the Russian borders, however, the Russian Aerospace Forces decided to give the Americans an instructive lesson by sending Su-27 fighters to intercept military reconnaissance aircraft, which managed to fly up to the American board and demonstrate the available armament, thereby showing that further provocations are fraught with very big problems.

“Russian means of airspace control over the neutral waters of the Black Sea detected two air targets approaching the state border of the Russian Federation. To intercept targets, a Su-27 fighter from the Air Defense Forces of the Southern Military District was taken into the air ", - about this, with reference to the RF Ministry of Defense, сообщает Sputnik publication.

It should be noted that US and NATO aircraft appear near Russian borders and military installations on the territory of other countries almost every day.