American mercenaries were ambushed in Ukraine

Mercenaries from the United States were ambushed in Ukraine.

A group of American mercenaries, taking part in the fighting on the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, unexpectedly fell into an ambush. As it became known, when trying to move through one of the front-line areas, a group of American mercenaries unexpectedly got on an armored personnel carrier of one of the parties participating in a special military operation, as a result of which fire was opened on members of PMCs from the United States from a heavy machine gun, which put the Americans to flight.

On the presented video footage, filmed by one of the American military on an action camera, you can see the moment the American mercenaries came out to a group of military men. As a result of a quick reaction, heavy machine gun fire was opened on the mercenaries, however, apparently, it was not possible to eliminate the mercenaries from the United States.

It is noteworthy that initially the American mercenaries even tried to shoot back. In particular, it is known about an attempt to hit an armored personnel carrier with a hand grenade launcher, however, apparently, it turned out to be futile.

In which region of Ukraine such video footage was taken is unknown, however, apparently, American mercenaries are active in the frontline zones, although the number of such groups is not disclosed.