War in Syria


American proxies in Syria attacked Turkish army base

American proxies launched a daring attack on a Turkish military base in Syria.

A Turkish military base in Syria was attacked by American proxies. According to data published by the Syrian media, a group of members of the Syrian Democratic Forces, supported by American mercenaries, infiltrated the area of ​​the Turkish military base and carried out an unprecedented attack there, which was in response to the recent attack by pro-Turkish terrorists on an American military convoy.

“A group of special forces of the Syrian Democratic Forces conducted today an operation to infiltrate a Turkish military base in the Aziz area in the vicinity of the city of Tel Tamr in the northwestern province of Al-Hasakah. Militants of the Syrian Democratic Forces group infiltrated a Turkish base, where clashes with Turkish soldiers took place for an hour. At the moment, there have been no reports of casualties on either side. After the attack, Turkish forces stationed at the attacked base ordered the militants and groups operating in the region to put their forces on high alert and search for the group carrying out the attack. ", the Syrian Center for Monitoring Human Rights reports.

This is actually the first attack on a Turkish military base in Syria by American proxies. This indicates that the United States is interested in fighting Turkish forces in the region. Nevertheless, experts note that the situation against this background can become very seriously aggravated and Turkish troops or pro-Turkish forces can begin clashes with the American army.

But very interesting.

And we'll sit and see, we'll bet, we'll argue with Sad "... who will win ...". Amen.

So who should we be for? It is not clear..

American proxies - who / what is this?