American anti-radar missiles are guided by RC-135V Rivet Joint aircraft flying over the Black Sea

U.S. RC-135V/W Rivet Joint aircraft aim anti-radar missiles produced by Ukrainian fighters.

The United States staged a very serious gamble against the backdrop of attempts to arm Ukraine with cruise anti-radar missiles. As it turned out, missile launches are carried out by Ukrainian combat aircraft, as stated earlier by the Deputy head of the US Department of Defense Colin Kahl, however, targeting is carried out by RC-135V / W Rivet Joint aircraft, which almost constantly operate over the waters of the Black Sea and over the coast of Romania.

According to experts, it is impossible to physically equip Ukrainian MiG-29 fighters with cruise anti-radar missiles with guidance systems without their deep modernization. Nevertheless, the missiles themselves can be quite "made friends" with Soviet-style combat aircraft, which was done. At the same time, missile guidance is carried out by RC-135V / W Rivet Joint aircraft, which easily detect radar sources at great distances.

At the same time, experts draw attention to the fact that the use of such weapons in this way introduces a lot of restrictions, in particular, it creates an additional opportunity for countering electronic warfare, and also significantly limits the effective range of weapons - Ukrainian fighters have to enter air defense detection zone, thereby being exposed to the risk of being destroyed.


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