American radars near Taiwan did not detect any of the five hypersonic missiles fired by China

None of the five hypersonic missiles fired by the PRC was detected by American radars and Taiwan's air defenses.

The Chinese military has completely debunked the information that the United States has the technology to track the flight of hypersonic missiles. This became known against the background of the fact that none of the three American long-range radar reconnaissance and electronic reconnaissance aircraft that were in the sky near Taiwan could not detect any of the missiles launched from the territory of China. In addition, Taiwan's air defense systems turned out to be no more effective - the latter also did not detect a single launch.

Taiwan tried to justify its defenses by claiming that the flight path was known and did not pose any threat to the island, ignoring the fact that at least one of the missiles flew directly through Taipei, as previously сообщалось.

Moreover, it is known that during the launches of hypersonic missiles DF-15, there were three American aircraft in the sky that monitored activity from the PRC, however, the latter, if they detected the moments of launches, then later completely lost control over the flight path missiles, especially since, according to some reports, the latter flew along a quasi-ballistic trajectory, which is even more difficult to calculate.

It is known that the DF-15 missile is capable of reaching speeds up to MAX 6, but the PRC also has much faster missiles capable of reaching speeds up to 27 Mach, which is comparable to the Russian Avangard hypersonic missile systems.