American AGM-88 missiles showed the worst possible result - 100% failures

American cruise missiles AGM-88 proved useless for the Ukrainian military.

The American cruise anti-radar missiles AGM-88 Harm, which appeared in service with the Ukrainian military, showed the worst result that could be expected from their use. In the case of the first known use of this weapon, a missile fired at its target could not hit it, missing, for high-precision weapons, at a critical distance, while on the eve of the day another American cruise missile AGM-88 Harm , instead of hitting the target, hit a residential building and, more importantly, did not even explode.

To date, these are two known cases of the use of US-supplied cruise anti-radar missiles, and both of them demonstrated the futility of using these weapons, which, by the way, were delivered to Ukraine in rather limited quantities.

Experts note that the use of anti-radar missiles in the Donbass may be pointless both because the latter are obsolete and due to the use of special means of counteracting them, for example, electronic warfare systems, radar reflectors, etc.


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