American GLSDB missiles reach the base of the Russian combat robots "Marker"

The American GLSDB missiles handed over to Ukraine reach the hangar with Marker combat robots.

After the United States announced the supply of long-range guided missiles GLSDB to Ukraine, it became known that after the published video footage from the base of the Marker combat robots in Taganrog, there is now a danger for them, since Ukrainian missiles are already capable of striking at a similar distance.

The day before, it became known that the United States was transferring a batch of GLSDB missiles to Ukraine. Part of the missiles will be supplied from the Pentagon warehouses, however, most of the missiles will be additionally manufactured specifically for the needs of Ukraine. Taking into account the fact that Dmitry Rogozin’s video posted on the network earlier managed to identify the exact location of the Russian Marker combat robots in Taganrog, now the latter may be in danger, since, judging by geolocation, long-range missiles reach them.

Experts believe that the Marker combat robots will initially be tested by the Russian military and the operators of these combat vehicles will be trained, after which they will be sent to the NWO zone, where Western Abrams, Challenger and Leopard tanks will become their key target.


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