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American planes tried to track tests of Russian S-500 from the Black Sea

The United States tried to get hold of classified data on the Russian S-500 air defense systems.

Regular flights of American military reconnaissance aircraft in the northeastern part of the Black Sea were associated with tests of the latest Russian anti-aircraft missile systems S-500 "Prometheus", which were allegedly tested at the Kapustin Yar test site. Observation of them could well have been conducted by American aviation from the airspace over the Black Sea and Georgia.

Remarkable is the fact that not so long ago there really appeared information about some missile tests at the Kapustin Yar test site with launches of unknown missiles at a very significant distance, and at the same time, suspicious activity of NATO reconnaissance aircraft was noticed in the eastern part of the Black Sea region.

As for the tests of the Russian S-500 Prometheus air defense systems themselves, they are going well, as announced by the commander of the anti-aircraft missile forces of the Aerospace Forces, Major General Sergei Babakov.

“Currently, a number of tests have been carried out with combat launches of anti-aircraft guided missiles (anti-aircraft missile system S-500“ Prometheus ”) against air targets. All tests have been completed with a positive result ", - said Babakov.

What kind of information the American military could have seized and whether it was possible to do this is still unknown. Several years ago, it was the United States that was the first to announce the tests of the latest Russian air defense system, after which the information was confirmed by the Russian military, which does not exclude the possibility that the Pentagon is trying to closely monitor the tests of this weapon.


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