Sineva rocket launch


US missile defense systems did not notice Russian ballistic missiles flying towards Alaska

The American missile defense system has been completely hopeless.

A few hours ago, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported that the Yuri Dolgoruky and Tula submarines launched several Bulava and Sineva intercontinental ballistic missiles. Some of them successfully hit targets at the Kura firing range, while American tracking systems simply did not notice Russian missiles.

“On August twenty-fourth, in accordance with the combat training plan, the Sineva sea-based ballistic missiles from the Tula strategic missile submarine and the Bulava from the Yuri Dolgorukiy strategic missile submarine were successfully launched., - informs the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

It is noteworthy that an American observation station is located near Kamchatka, however, given the absence of any statements about the ICBM test, analysts concluded that the US missile defense systems could not even detect Russian missiles, which suggests the complete futility of the American missile defense systems defense.

The American drank the traditional about it, and in principle they are not capable of knocking anyone down. And why, America really does not know how to fight and is not going to study. They have Hollywood, take off how they defeated everyone there, and show everyone.

These are such poor-minded cheers-patriots as you pull the whole country back. Blogger slobber couchs hung noodles on their ears, and the Lord did not give brains to distinguish truth from fiction.

"..This is these boobies from the Ministry of Defense ..."
all this trash, consisting of 63 countries, called a coalition led by the United States (which allowed ISIS to Syria and almost lost that ISIS), in less than three years threw the Anglo-Saxons out of Syria, gouging this IG to pieces.
Is this "visiting a fairy tale"? You tell tales, dear. At the same time, getting your 33 silver pieces. From their masters.

Vova, how can the Americans be able to bring down Russian hypersonic (and Chinese already) missiles? Hats? What kind of technology does the United States have about which not only we, but no one in the world, knows?
Do not disgrace Vova. And for better protection of the West, it’s better to shut up - it will be right.

Well, it's a lie that they shamefully fled, and even another six months! most units fought to the last, but there were exceptions, retreating. but such that shamefully fled are very rare exceptions. 2. "detects during 3-5sec" - how do you know that? "I can shoot down all the ICBMs ..." - did the Americans say this to you? about further nonsense and I will not say ....

“Analysts came to the conclusion that the American missile defense systems could not even detect Russian missiles” ??? Hat-bombers are worse than enemies. In the 40 of the last century, imbeciles also screeched before Stalin that as we give, we’ll give and the enemies will flee. Soviet troops fled for six months, because of the fools in power, the US missile defense detects the launch of ICBMs in 3-5 seconds and can shoot down all ICBMs from 10 to 150 seconds The USA has this technology. This was officially discussed in the media back.

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Yes, what questions can there be to such a serious expert. Said it suddenly and bluntly. From a distance, you can see that a person understands the issue. Yes, probably, not only in this, in all matters ...

Huns were 300 thousand. They flunked 2 million. China. Any questions?

And what do these GDP GDPs mean? Is it we who are extending the service life of carbon-fiber solid fuel minuten to 70 years? No, this is the USA. Despite the fact that the usual pyroxylin gunpowder is 50 years old - and scrapped. There, in the Donbass, mortars pre-war 82-mm end of the 30-x fired once a time. I'm already afraid of what's with these missiles.

Normally experienced, well done, everything is clear. And so many seams got out) Well, go kiss the ass to the owner)

Yuri, are you serious? Firstly, it’s stupid to compare our economies! They have an unlimited printing press! Secondly, there has never been a war on the territory! And finally, not always the largest, the strongest!

You count another percent of the debt of the Russian Federation and the USA from the world, you might find out where the US GDP comes from :)

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There are no questions - today even the last fool understands that the USA will not be in 10-15 minutes after the start of a nuclear war (only you don’t understand)

All this tramp went after Putin’s speech last year with cartoons showing warheads flying to Florida. Scarecrows about an external threat and so on. RF GDP 1.7% of world USA 23. Are there any other questions.

The Americans said this to our Ministry of Defense that they didn’t notice anything?) As you know, big inventors are sitting in our Ministry of Defense. And all the miasms of their sick imagination are hysterically splashed with various stubborn jingoistic patriots of the ZvZzda TV channel, which could be called "Visiting a fairy tale." The boobies from the Ministry of Defense have a new stage of insanity: the Americans see the submarines, and missiles launched from them point-blank))

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figures for comparison in the studio, or in Moscow you only see!

Much of what they invent and build in the military sphere is falsification. They know that something is not effective, but they still try to pump money for it and build it. They suspect that Russia will never attack and that it’s impossible to build it they trivially steal money from the Pentagon’s budget, that is, their taxpayers shouting everywhere about the Russian threat to their people. And they believe and are silent until they know something like that.

Another hat-making statement, why did they have to say something, if their "Poseidons" were tracking our boats .. and the only thing that was secret, so to speak, was the launch time. Silently did their work and that’s all .. without bravado ..

I don’t know that now they are building more housing. than during the Soviet era?

Tests and tests. Or is absolutely everything that you do right the first time perfect? these are not exercises using missiles half a century ago, but tests.

didn’t notice and well why shout about it

And that's great!!!!!

Some of them were struck, some were jammers.

That is, while carrying out a training launch of a ballistic missile in the direction of Alaska, ours did not warn the "partners" about this?

Did they say it themselves or did the afftor so want to think?

Conclusion from a string bag - if only! Take it on faith?

So buy it in excess. There is no freebie in this matter.

Can you read? Some of them, and not all, hit the targets at the Kura training ground. Where to keep it up?

Or maybe at this time the Yankees were engaged in routine maintenance or left to drink beer?

build housing.

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