US missile defense systems again “missed” the Hussite strike drones

The American Patriot missile defense system again did not notice the Hussite strike drones.

According to information provided by Al-Masira TV channel, and this data has already been confirmed by satellite images, Yemeni rebels, against the backdrop of new attacks by Saudi Arabia on the country's border regions, dealt a powerful blow to the largest oil and gas field in Saudi Arabia, and those located here Patriot systems were completely useless.

According to the data available to the resource, ten unmanned aerial vehicles Qasef-2K took part in the attack on the Sheyba oil field, of which more than half reached the targets. As a result of the defeat of ground targets, large oil storage facilities were destroyed, and the operation of the oil field was temporarily paralyzed. Data on the victims have not yet been provided, however, according to experts, we can talk about dozens of wounded.

It is noteworthy that from the south-west direction, from where, apparently, the attack was carried out, there are several Patriot missile defense systems that could not save the Saudi oil field from Hushite attacks.

“If the Patriot missile defense systems did not notice ten strike drones, then we can say with confidence that the American systems are completely useless - if necessary, the Hussites can easily“ throw ”kamikaze drones and Saudi Arabia, and its allies, the main of which stands for USA, - the analyst notes.