American media: a Russian complex knocked out an American plane entering a closed airspace

A Russian anti-aircraft missile system knocked out an American military aircraft.

A few hours ago, the American news outlet "The Drive" reported that Russian anti-aircraft missile systems, and we are probably talking about a complex released in the Soviet era (its exact name is not disclosed), was able to knock out an American plane during an attempt the latter to invade closed airspace. The aircraft received "some" damage, but was still able to continue its flight, although its mission was disrupted, indicating that the explosion of an anti-aircraft missile occurred at a distance from the aircraft.

“In the latest episode of the podcast, The Afterburn, retired Air Force Lt. Col. Charlie“ Tuna ”Heinlein, a former F-117 pilot, confirms what had been rumored for many years: that a second stealth plane was shot down by the Serbs, but managed to return to base. While noting that much of the Allied Force incident remains classified, he does provide some interesting details on what appears to be a previously unconfirmed event. While the admission that another F-117 was damaged by Serbian air defenses during Allied forces is noteworthy, Heinlein underscores the fact that SAMs were a real problem for the Black Jet in any combat scenario. Even relatively old systems such as the SA-3 remained a real threat, as evidenced by the destruction of the Vega 31 at the start of the campaign. ", - about it сообщает information publication "The Drive".

Despite its age, the S-125 air defense system is still actively operated by a number of countries, in particular, in the conflict in Karabakh, Azerbaijan was successfully able to intercept several tactical missiles fired from the territory of Armenia and NKR.

Quite remarkable is that, according to some reports, preparations are underway for the use of the upgraded F-117 aircraft.


In Russia, this story for more than 20 years is the "Punchinelle's secret" ...
Almost immediately it was known that one F-117 was shot down by the old Soviet S-125 complex, and the second F-117 was intercepted by the Serbian MiG-29, even the Serbian pilot was shown, and the anecdote appeared:
"A Serbian pilot is patrolling on a MiG-29, there is no one in the sky .... Suddenly he sees - a crow is flying in front of him. Come on, he thinks I’ll even fire a fire at the crow. I took aim, fired a rocket ... And then a huge explosion would explode! "Not a dick to yourself!" - everyone thought: the crow, the Serbian pilot, and the ejected pilot of the American "invisible" F-117 ... "

If this happened at the present time, then the commander who gave such an order should have been given the star of the hero. This is the only way to wean the greyhounds of the Americans and other NATO members. Respect is based only on strength.