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US media reported the destruction of the Russian fighter

US media reported on the destruction of the Russian military aircraft.

The American edition of The Drive published information that the fired missile had shot down a Russian combat aircraft. According to the arguments of the American media, the Russian interceptor fighter was destroyed by a direct hit by a rocket, and not as a result of a crash due to crew error or technical malfunction of the combat vehicle.

According to the data presented, we are talking about an incident recently covered by the media, when some information leaked to the network that the MiG-2017 fighter plane crashed in 31 was hit by an air-to-air missile fired by a neighboring fighter. These data are partially based on information provided by the Baza.io resource, but other information is also provided in the USA.

“The investigators concluded that the crew of the downed aircraft improperly carried out the flight procedures, which brought the aircraft to the line of fire during the exercises with live firing. Investigators also blamed the pilots who were driving the other MiG-31 fighter for not fitting the Zaslon-AM fire control system at the wrong time, firing the P-33 rocket directly into their wingman. They also accused the pilot of using weapons when the crew should have known that the unmanned target was not launched. ”, - reported the edition of "The Drive".

It is noteworthy that the American media reported that the problem with the disrupted operation of the Zaslon-AM system was known, but no measures were taken.

“Moreover, the investigators discovered that the personnel in this unit knew about the“ abnormal work ”of C-800 (“ Barrier-AM ”) and that this was not necessarily unusual”, - emphasizes the publication.

And how do you imagine it was laid%? And in case of non-fulfillment of the indicator, a shot before the troop, otherwise why lay it? Possible accidents, as in any industrial enterprise, take into account yes, and usually lay down mainly “by the collar”.

If we look at the situation cynically, it demonstrates the effectiveness of the Russian aviation weapon system. The anxiety of the "friends" is understandable, but this is not the result of their combat work.

No “percent” was “pledged” anywhere, my dear. Spit in the red face your informant: he is the same military, as well as my familiar electrician, who appears to be a retired FSB colonel. "Percentage" of death is the same fugue as bromine decalitres in soldiers' boilers, and the late General Moshe Dayan, who graduated from the Soviet Military Academy ...

This friend of yours, “the military”, did not tell how the situation was resolved if the plan was not to fulfill the “percentage of soldiers killed”? And what percentage of officers? By rank, please, how many lieutenants, how many generals?
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it is good to plump ... but it is clearly said that the “brave men”, their own specialists from the slave “Samik”, screwed up ... I didn’t understand the couple - or you suggest you shoot down your own ten planes ...

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Investigators came to a conclusion, and reported this to the Pindos media, but the military prosecutor’s office did not inform about it !!!

There is no need to argue, it is necessary to return the debt to the brave - to shoot down their 10 fighters, that's when we learn the truth about our downed plane !!!

full American bullshit, any missile systems are equipped with a device - (friend or foe) and will never work on their equipment)))) Pindos believe that they are the smartest, and all the other fools are complete idiots!

Take a look around, you are not confused?

And I do not believe anyone. Neither them nor ours.

During Soviet times, during military exercises, the percentage of deaths of soldiers was always laid. He was miserable, but he was. He was told by an acquaintance of a military man who participated in the preparation of an exercise plan.

Every day we hear so much fake information from the US that now even true messages are perceived as a lie. So they just can not believe.

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What jackals from the hole VSHA, something shot down!? Just the case of Russian exercises.

Bay your ... so that others were afraid.

So what is surprising. Good rockets are great planes, but "learning is necessary in military affairs in a real way." Combat shooting, even during training, is a fraction of the risk.

There have been such cases.