Fighter F-22


American experts compared the capabilities of the US Air Force and the People's Republic of China

Specialists compared the US Air Force and China.

According to The National Interest, the PRC Air Force currently does not threaten the US national security, because, according to analysts, China currently has only 1700 aircraft in service, USA, this figure is twice as much.

Among other things, it is also reported that most of the combat aircraft in China are a deeply modernized version of the Soviet MiG-19 fighter, which, according to the specialists of The National Interest, are morally obsolete.

In fact, experts believe that the analysis carried out is not true, which is primarily due to the rather secretive policy of the PRC in the military sphere. In addition, to date, the US Air Force is armed with no less than worn-out and morally obsolete fighter aircraft, the use of which will not have any significant effect.