Bomber B-52


US strategic bombers worked off attacks on Kaliningrad

American B-52 "bombed" in Russia.

A few hours ago, in the area of ​​22 hours of 15 minutes, the American strategic bombers B-52H worked out a strike in the Kaliningrad region. Flying through the airspace of Denmark, two strategic bombers approached the borders of the Kaliningrad region at a distance of approximately equal to 160-180 kilometers, after which they sharply changed their course and lay on the return route.

There are no official comments on this subject from the US Air Force command, however, given the fact that previously the American strategic bombers had already practiced striking in the Kaliningrad region, as well as a rather strange flight route, experts believe that this time the US Air Force have worked out "striking.

Given the fact that no approach to the borders of the Russian Federation was recorded, the Russian Air Force fighter did not rise to intercept two American strategic bombers.

It is necessary to clarify that during the testing of the strikes, the American military reconnaissance aircraft Boeing RC-135V was located at the southern border of the Kaliningrad Region, which, presumably, coordinated the actions of the American B-52, and also, obviously, studied the operation of Russian air defense / missile defense systems.

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