American transport workers massively deploy tactical missiles to Ukraine

Several transport aircraft with tactical missile weapons arrived in Ukraine.

According to information available to the news agency, an American military transport plane arrived in Ukraine a few days ago, and this is far from the only flight made in recent days that could deliver tactical missiles to the Ukrainian military, in particular, We are talking about HIMARS complexes capable of striking targets located at ranges of up to 300 kilometers.

At the moment, there is no documentary evidence of the information that has appeared, however, there are two possible options - the transfer of kits to the borders of the Crimea or to the Donbass, which is especially important against the background of a statement by the United States about its readiness to strike at Russian forces, if Russia will decide to provide military aid to the self-proclaimed republics.

At the moment, the American military command does not comment on the transfer of military cargo to Ukraine, however, this only aggravates the conflict situation, and in the face of threats against Russia, this can result in very significant troubles.

So far, the Patriot only knows how to shoot by itself.

There are no American missiles in Ukraine. Why disperse fakes?

All the US needs to do to prevent bloodshed between Ukraine and Russia is to provide Ukraine with PETRIOT air defense systems and tactical missiles with a range of more than 500 km reaching Moscow. AND EVERYTHING !!!

And the Cubans have already called you! ??

Exactly, the DPR just wants to buy such from the Armed Forces of Ukraine for a can of vodka ...

This means that they will be destroyed as primary targets by preemptive strikes. Military science has not been canceled

So they learned this from us, remember the Caribbean crisis.

One thing I do not understand, why the GRU scouts do not shoot down these transports on the way ??? WHY?????

They will stop immediately, as soon as the same missiles are deployed to Cuba and Venezuela, our rulers need to learn from them!

Where are the high-resolution satellite images? From Global!? The authors loved to refer to them so much.
And the Kremlin talkers are silent. Under Gromyko, it would have been "TASS is authorized to declare ..."

They will conduct their funny teachings - they will shimmer and fall.
And the APU will leave a pair of rusty hummers as a souvenir.

So far, I only see the whipping up of hysteria from the site.

doing the right thing!