American "killers" of the S-400 turned out to be fakes and advertising bluffs

The development of the S-400 killer missiles was an American publicity stunt.

The US military’s statement about the first successful stage of testing the latest missile capable of destroying the Russian S-400 air defense system, which was reported a few days earlier, turned out to be nothing more than a fake, the sole purpose of which is to advertise this weapon in order to attract future buyers.

“Americans today can tell us as much as they want about what kind of super-duper weapon they have, which will not only be erased from the ground with one S-400 little finger, but in general it is the killer of all Soviet anti-aircraft missile systems. However, this is nothing more than an advertising step. Often even our Russian scientists succumb to such a provocation and bluff in the same way even before the weapon goes into service. ”- said Viktor Baranets, a member of public councils under the Ministry of Defense and the Military-Industrial Commission of the Russian Federation.

This is also supported by the fact that, in fact, the first stage of testing the latest American missile AGM-88G AARGM-ER meant only transporting the missile without direct launch, i.e., in fact, the real capabilities of this American munition so far did not pass verification.

Nevertheless, experts pay attention to the fact that the US military regularly monitors the situation near the position areas of the Russian S-400, and today this complex, as well as its predecessor S-300, have also never been used in combat conditions, and therefore risks for the advanced Russian complex still exist.


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