Missile strike


The US military urgently evacuated to bunkers after Iran's announcement of the launch of ballistic missiles

The brave American military hid in bunkers because of the mere warning from Iran of ballistic missile launches.

The night before, during the beginning of the military exercises of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, the Iranian military command openly announced the start of preparations for ballistic missile attacks, thereby warning neighboring states that it was only about military maneuvers, however, the US command decided to “play it safe "And ordered the personnel of all US military installations and personnel of military installations on which US troops are stationed to immediately hide in protective bunkers. American servicemen and officers had to sit in closed bunkers for at least 2,5 hours - only after this time did Iranian forces strike at their conditional targets.

As experts note, it is obvious that such actions of American servicemen can be ranked "... to the greatest courage and bravery ...", since no other country in the region followed such measures.

“The courage and determination of the American military“ spread ”at the first mention of Iran's readiness to strike with ballistic missiles. Obviously, the lesson for Washington with a blow to the American military bases in Iraq was very effective, because, in fact, he left only ruins of one of them. ", - the expert marks.

It is not known how Iran's attacks with ballistic missiles went, however, shortly before that it became known that Iran had attacked a model of an American aircraft carrier using cruise anti-ship missiles.

Nothing special. Omertsy suspected Iran of what they are constantly sinning. They would, for sure, “miss” in such a situation.
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