US military "chased" a Russian submarine across the Atlantic

The United States announced the successful "sinking" of a Russian submarine in the Atlantic Ocean.

The command of the US Navy announced that a Russian submarine was discovered by anti-submarine aviation in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, which, after a long pursuit, was successfully destroyed. We are talking about some special exercises of the American fleet Dynamic Mongoose 2020, moreover, in the United States they directly state that the reason for the exercises was the development of the rapid destruction of Russian submarines.

“NATO countries have conducted a large-scale naval exercise Dynamic Mongoose-2020 in the Atlantic, during which they have worked out their skills in fighting potential enemy submarines. The American military command is paying more and more attention to this issue due to the increased efficiency of the submarines of the Russian Federation and China, RT reports Clark's words. He clarified that, in particular, this concerns the study of the search for Russian submarines that leave the bases on the Kola Peninsula. Washington fears that even a few Russian submarines breaking through the Faroe-Icelandic border could endanger Western forces in the Atlantic. He stressed that the American Navy cannot conduct effective anti-submarine warfare, since even for one Russian submarine, the United States sends dozens of aircraft and ships ", - about it сообщает Russian edition "PolitExpert".

The exercises took place naturally on conditional targets, although a few months ago the American side complained that the Russian submarine fleet is increasingly appearing near American shores, and the transition of the Russian submarines often goes unnoticed, which indicates the fact that real highly effective means for neither the United States nor the North Atlantic Alliance has tracked Russian submarines.

The author, so "a Russian submarine was discovered" or is it a conditional target? Heading-dust in the eyes: /

Was the submarine submerged again?)