The US military is looking for a Russian submarine with cruise missiles "Caliber"

The US military has been trying for a week to find a Russian submarine with Kalibr cruise missiles in the Mediterranean Sea.

For almost a week, the American military has been trying to find in the waters of the Mediterranean the unexpectedly missing Russian submarine armed with cruise missiles of caliber against the background of the appearance of an American carrier strike group in the region. According to sources, the Russian diesel-electric submarine suddenly simply disappeared - until now, its whereabouts remain unknown, even despite regular flights of American anti-submarine aircraft in the region.

“During NATO exercises in the Mediterranean Sea, American anti-submarine Poseidon aircraft tried to obtain information about Russian submarines of the Varshavyanka project. The aircraft carried out hydroacoustic reconnaissance and monitoring of the water area to detect the almost silent submarines of the Varshavyanka project. One of these submarines was located close to the British air base Akrotiri, located in Cyprus. However, it turned out that it is impossible to detect a Russian submarine even with the help of modern radio-acoustic means ", - about it сообщает Russian edition of "Russian Planet".

Earlier it became known that an American aircraft carrier went to the waters of the Mediterranean Sea to conduct military exercises with Greece, as a member of the North Atlantic Alliance.

Where exactly the Russian submarine with Kalibr missiles is currently located is unknown.

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Look for it after you find it! Our boat is waiting for the team. NATO members, behave well!

Not long ago, the Americans announced that they knew where our boats were, but here is such an embarrassment

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