The US military, armed with grenade launchers, intercepted the Russian military in Syria

The likelihood of a military clash between Russian and American troops in Syria has increased to a maximum.

The US military met a convoy of Russian troops in northern Syria with grenade launchers. This is evidenced by the corresponding video recording, which, obviously, indicates the fact that the probability of a possible clash between Russian and American military personnel in this region is close to the maximum.

On the presented video frames, you can see that during the recent incident, while the Russian Tiger armored car and the BTR-82 armored personnel carrier are trying to get out of the mud (as a result of an unsuccessful attempt to get around the American checkpoint - approx. Ed.), The US military armed with grenade launchers, intently watching the situation. Until recently, American troops did not meet the Russian military with such weapons, however, obviously, an appropriate order was given.

So far no official comments have been received from the US military command in this regard, however, to date, only the Russian and Syrian military have tried to block the movement of the US military in this region, which, obviously, indicates that Washington really getting ready for serious incidents.

At the moment, the Russian side did not comment on the incident with Russian military equipment stuck in the mud, however, according to preliminary data, the Russian armored personnel carrier and the Russian armored car had to be pulled out with the help of another BTR-82.

If the Russian Armed Forces play the role of a military police in Syria, have the mandates of the Syrian government and the UN, then they must resolutely arrest and disarm all illegal armed groups in the country, that’s a fact! And then anyone who unleashed armed resistance of the military police, is destroyed and everything, What is there to think? Otherwise, why take on such powers?

I am the eighth dozen. They said in stores not to stock up. They announced quarantine, we must go to the store. I went to the pharmacies - there are no masks. An invitation to volunteers was received by mail. Need to fly to America for our masks?

Help was sold to them, but not sent,

To start a war is not easy, but very simple, but ending it without loss (resources, territory, etc.) is quite problematic! Our task is to avoid this, and as for the Americans, they will leave anyway. Not now so late

And we in response to them - medical equipment

Have you ever already taken the oncoming battle, also with machine guns and grenade launchers .. Otherwise, this humiliation will not end. So they will mock.

A senior government official did not rule out the possibility that Russia would send another plane with medical equipment to the United States. Do you have any brains in the Kremlin there?