Aircraft reconnaissance


The US military mistakenly scanned the frequencies of the S-300 complexes in Syria for two years instead of the S-400

The US military scanned the S-400 frequencies for several years, and these turned out to be other air defense systems.

Attempts by the American military to obtain the frequencies of the radars of the Russian S-400 air defense systems in the Crimea and Syria were absolutely futile. As it turned out, American reconnaissance aircraft did intercept frequencies, however, the latter did not at all belong to the radars of the S-400 complexes - these were the frequencies of short- and medium-range air defense radars.

According to the analyst, the attempts of the US military to scan the operating modes of the S-400 air defense missile systems, carried out over the past two years, have been completely futile. When foreign military aircraft approached, Russia did not switch air defense systems to active mode, using short and medium-range air defense systems for this.

“The S-400 complexes deployed in Syria and Crimea are covered by short- and medium-range air defense systems. It was the radars of complexes of this type that American "colleagues" scanned, believing that the Russian military switched their air defense systems into active mode. Probably, it is precisely with this fact that the Americans' assertions that the S-400 air defense systems have a target destruction range of up to 250 kilometers, capturing the radio frequencies of the S-300 air defense systems are connected., - emphasizes the specialist.

Obviously, for this reason, the American military cannot achieve successful attempts to block Russian air defense systems.

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