US military salvages wreckage from downed Chinese balloon

The US military managed to raise the wreckage of a downed Chinese balloon to the surface.

This afternoon, the US military managed to recover the wreckage of a downed Chinese reconnaissance balloon from the water. The wreckage was at a depth of about 15 meters and at the moment they are raised to the surface. It is reported that the equipment of the drone is damaged, however, it is not critical and by the current moment it is reported that the balloon still carried an optical system that allows reconnaissance.

In the presented photographs you can see the process of extracting the wreckage of the balloon from the water. It will be possible to assess what information it collected only after a more thorough study of its wreckage and reconnaissance equipment, however, American sources report that the systems available to the balloon are not designed to study the meteorological situation.

The unmanned balloon was shot down over US territory only a few days after it was discovered. At the same time, China expressed a categorical protest for the attack on a civilian aircraft, threatening serious consequences for Washington for this.


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