The US military tried to break into the Russian military air base in Syria

An attempt by an American convoy to enter the area of ​​the Russian military air base in the north of Syria almost ended in their destruction.

Another convoy with the US military tried to advance in the direction of the Russian military air base in the Kamyshli region, however, at the first checkpoint, the Syrian government forces not only stopped the convoy, but also blocked its movement, announcing that in case of an attempt to violate the established zone , the convoy will open fire.

This is not the first attempt by the US military to penetrate the area of ​​the Russian military airfield in the suburbs of Kamyshli, however, obviously, the Syrian troops were ordered to block the passage of any foreign military equipment, including with the opening of fire on the enemy.

Experts point out that absolutely any attempt by an American military convoy to break through the Syrian government forces checkpoint could result in serious consequences, since Russian military helicopters can easily destroy a convoy of military equipment at a nearby airbase.

Experts do not exclude that in the near future the Syrian army will take complete control of a much larger territory of Syria, moreover, the same applies to the airspace of the Arab Republic.

Well, yes Snickers ... ops Keksik. Your propaganda last year screamed that the PMC had all died ... And in this, again, for some reason, they are making you say that Wagner is fighting. You somehow decide - died or is at war.

It is necessary to quickly surround the base staff, and completely block trips, except for the evacuation (full).
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After the Americans destroyed the Wagner near Hasham, more such fake "news" is needed))

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Arrest everyone who is illegally located in Syria.
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