American military aircraft entered deep into the airspace of Ukraine

American military aircraft entered the airspace of Ukraine.

Aircraft of the US Air Force entered the airspace of Ukraine, deepening into it from the border of Poland by at least 60 kilometers. It is known that such a case is far from the first. Moreover, all the time that American military aircraft are on the territory of Ukraine, the latter are covered by NATO fighters that fly near the Polish-Ukrainian border, although they do not cross it.

The appearance of American military aircraft in Ukraine became known thanks to satellite images that spotted at least one foreign military aircraft at the airfield in Lviv, although according to the source, another aircraft was in the hangar. As it turned out, we are talking about business jets Gulfstream G400 and Gulfstream G550. The latter, according to the source, belong to the US Air Force. However, what exactly was on board is unknown. According to a number of data, we are talking about the delivery of a group of foreign mercenaries and specialists to the territory of Ukraine. However, this fact indicates that NATO combat aircraft may also be in the airspace of Ukraine, which was previously repeatedly reported, although no confirmation was found.

In fact, a satellite image taken on May 15, 2022 is the first evidence that foreign military aircraft are flying freely in Ukrainian airspace. However, the United States appears to be hesitant to move further than 100 kilometers from the border with Poland, since at a greater distance air defenses and fighters will no longer be able to cover them.